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Let the light back into your life

A targeted, efficient, drug free approach to all that ails you, hypnotherapy supports all mental and physical issues

As an end user of Hypnotherapy, I was so blown away by the results I wanted to share it with everyone! When issues in your life become so overwhelming, situations can appear hopeless, and then there is hypnotherapy, the final frontier, bringing calmness and hope and restoring light. Nearly all my clients say they wish they had found hypnotherapy sooner. 

How We Help
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How I help

Let go of negative thoughts and behaviors

What I Can Do

Hypnotherapy (Parts Therapy, Regression, Cording etc)


Simpson Protocol


Emotion Code


Past Life Regression




Clear your mind

Hypnotherapy has been used world over to address many issues such as Anxiety, Stress, Weight Management, Trauma, Fears and Phobias. Also used for sports performance and public speaking woes.


The work Karen and I did together was exceptionally powerful. I am left with such a feeling of release and peace.

Mark H

I put a huge part of my very comfortable recovery down to Karen's work with me. Try it, it is amazing.

Amanda L

I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an opportunity to open and cleanse your mind to your past, future and present. Her skills are unique and she is an absolute joy to have in my life.

Darkness does not exist, it is merely an absence of light

I offer a free 30 minute in person consultation so you can come in for a chat, experience the space you will be working in and meet me for a chat to discuss your goals and understand the approach we will take.   Book now to see if Hypnotherapy is the right journey for you. 

Healing Therapy
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Give yourself permission to take care of yourself, Book for a free consultation now

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